10 Days of Prayer for the G8/20

We’re only days away from starting 10 days of nation-wide prayer for the G8/20 Summit happening in Huntsville, Ontario in less than a couple weeks… And this is something that each and every one of you reading this post can be part of!!

As part of Unite Canada 2010, we’re uniting for 10 days of non-stop prayer for our nation specifically focused on the G8/20. There is an online sign up sheet for anyone right across the nation to take an hour shift to pray for all that will be happening in Canada for the next couple weeks. Please join in!

Cityscape in Vancouver has done an excellent job of creating resources to help us pray for the G8/20. Click HERE for more info and a prayer guide.

You can also read more on the World Vision website on the advocacy issues they have raised and are praying that God will change. They believe that “Together we can END preventable deaths” and have discussed their hopeful outcomes from the G8/20 in the Child Health Now part of the website. Click HERE for more.

Click on the prayer schedule below to take your one hour shift and join us in praying for something huge.

Lets “live as though it all depends… … on us and pray as if it all depends on God!”


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