International Prayer Centre at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Even in Montreal, on the opposite end of the country, we’re feeling the hype for the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. From my perspective, I’ve watched how this has brought our nation together to prepare for the world to arrive in our country. I’ve especially seen this in the church, which is amazing, how the church in Vancouver and Canada is working together to serve and welcome all to British Columbia and PRAY a lot as the nations arrive.

For those who are interested in coming to Vancouver to pray during the Olympics, there is a great opportunity for you to do so at the International Prayer Centre on Keats Island.

They Write, “We invite intercessors throughout the world to come to Vancouver area during the Winter Olympics (Feb 12-28) to join in prayer for God’s purposes during this critical time. Come for any portion of this time period as we intercede for this strategic gateway city, its call to the nations, and the specific opportunities for outreach that the Church in Vancouver region is rising up to meet” -More Than Gold website

For more info click here.

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