24-7 Whistler

This past week I had a couple of great conversations with Lisa and Tania from Whistler over email and Skype… I love Skype!

It was so encouraging to hear an update about what’s going on up in their BC resort community. God is totally calling and mobilizing people in Whistler- there’s even a Whistler school starting in the new year!

They’re a small but friendly and committed community learning how to pray and love their neighbors and visitors. Lisa wrote, “We are exploring the 24-7 values of community, prayer, justice and mission. We are looking at how these values can be integrated into the setting of a resort community.”

They have a weekend of prayer scheduled for early December and really want to mobilize a week of prayer during the olympics but are looking for space. They often rent a hotel room in the village to pray but space will be hard to find and expensive… If you have any idea’s or want to get more involved, you could email them at whistler24-7com

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