Urbana 09 – Come join me!

Every three years IVCF hosts an amazing conference called Urbana where 20-25 thousand students and young adults come together for 5 days over the Christmas holidays:

“At Urbana 09 you’ll learn about critical global issues from dynamic teachers, worship with thousands in one of the most diverse gatherings in North America, and be challenged by missional students and recent graduates who testify to God’s faithfulness to the ends of the earth. ” -www.urbana09.org

I’ll be at Urbana as part of the 24-7 Prayer team leading a prayer room and would love to see many more Canadians there as well. AND we’ll even help you get there!

MoveIn is offering people scholarships to come and if you’ve been involved with 24-7 Prayer (been part of a church who has done a prayer room or even just read Red Moon Rising and would like to know more) they’ll give you an extra $100 off the already US$230 they’re giving people!

To find out more please go to their website: www.movein.to/urbana
Deadline: October 30th

Hope to see you there,

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