BC- 7 City Prayer Tour HALF WAY update!!

Well, we’re halfway through the Ring of Fire 24-7 Prayer Tour. Its been an amazing journey so far. God has showed up at each location in a powerful way. We have met some amazing people who are doing the stuff day in and day out, faithful ones who are desiring only Jesus and are making a difference. We have made some friends, been embraced by new brothers and sisters, and even welcomed home a few sons and daughters. The Lord has given us strategic crafted prayers for each city as we wait on Him in quiet worship and meditation, dance, song and celebration. May our worship plant seeds of the Kingdom wherever we go – we’re trusting God to bring the increase.

Here is a picture of our prayer tent: It has been up 24 hours so far in Vancouver, Victoria, Duncan and Parksville. We have 3 more cities to visit: Courtenay, Powell River and back home to Gibsons. Thanks to those who have prayed behind us, and followed our journey. A special thanks to Daria Tomuik of 24-7 Prayer who believed in our vision and partnered with us.

We’ll update you again once we have finished the tour as… … to how it has impacted us personally.

Shalom, Karen and Cathy

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