24-7 Prayer MONTREAL Internship with YWAM Urban Cultures: October 1-May 31

Interested in learning more about urban ministry, intern with 24-7 Prayer and live in a bilingual city-community in one of the most un-reached places of North America?!

This year we’re starting a new partnership with the YWAM Urban Cultures DTS in Montreal so you could come learn all the awesome stuff YWAM teaches and intern with a developing 24-7 team in Montreal.

For more info contact Daria at daria.tomiukcom

A little more on the program:

URBAN CULTURES is a totally new and unique school offered at Youth With A Mission in Montreal. This school is being developped with several objectives in mind. First of all, we want to give students the time to be involved in practical ways and over a prolonged period of time in various ministries and community organizations operating in the city. The second is to give them the time to discover and understand the city (with Montreal as a laboratory), its’ identity, its’ culture, the ways in which it functions and to learn how best to serve it. The third objective is to permit students to better grasp and integrate the teaching of the DTS (instead of twelve weeks of intensive classes, the courses will be spread out over nine… … months).

URBAN CULTURES is a training school that wants to be relevant and practical at the same time. It’s founded on the principle of incarnation. It’s designed to give students the needed time to get involved body, soul and spirit in the life of the city. We hope to train people who will, at the end of the school, will have the know-how to initiate new ministries here in Montreal or elsewhere in the world with YWAM, their church or other missionary organizations.

URBAN CULTURES offers each student the possibility of choosing one or two internships in which to commit themselves for either a part of or the duration of the school. These internships will be developped with YWAM staff or in partnership with other city ministries with whom we have close relationships. Consult the list of internships.

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