24-7 Ontario Gathering- June 19-20

One of the most incredible truths of our life as Christians is the fact that we are welcomed into a family. Not welcomed into a corporation with a role or a cubicle, not into a orphanage with id numbers and cafeteria food, but a family. I’m always amazed as I get to travel the immediate camaraderie with people all over the globe, even where English isn’t the common language, when we meet in Jesus. I think that’s why Paul wrote to ‘those in Jesus in Phillipi, or Corinth. We are in Jesus and therefore we are part of each other.

This is and should be a real value of all Christian expression, so on the 19th of June and the full saturday of the 20th we are going to gather as a bit of a 24-7 family in Jesus. We want to hear what God is doing in other parts of the family, in the local community expressions of family. We want to know how you are being challenged to pray, how we can help each other pray. We want to know what’s tough and what’s exciting. We want to learn and hear how 24-7 prayer as an organisation can help your… … little tribe within the family pray in your city.

We’re going to have a couple sessions to bring people up to speed, but by and large we want to give space for relationships to blossom and for hearts to be shared. Kind of like family getting together at Christmas! So, we’re going to be in Cambridge Friday night starting at 7, then Saturday all day. The schedule will be loose and the idea is that you can come and pop in for whatever of that time that you can. We’re going to prepare meals together and eat together so we need to know some numbers – cost is probably going to be pretty cheap, we’ll just cover food.

Really looking forward to it – invite your friends. Let’s come together.

For more info or to RSVP please write to canadacom or on the facebook event.

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