Another ALL NIGHT prayer meeting with an AMAZING story:

I met Timothy Samuel a couple weeks ago at the MoveIn Conference, he was one of the people who stayed up all night in the prayer truck. The next morning I was so inspired by his story that I asked him to write about it so I could post it here- so he did. It was such a life changing experience for this group that they’re actually meeting again tonight, right now as I type this, in Toronto to pray ALL NIGHT-again. Amazing!! They didn’t even know each other until this night of prayer in the UHAUL and are actually from all different cities: Scarborough, Kingston, London and I think Cambridge… I’m excited to see and hear about what God continues to do through their fervent prayers together.

Last Friday night was one of the most powerful nights of my life. I was at The People’s Church in Toronto for the “Move-In” Conference – a two day event for young people exploring the idea of moving into high-needs neighbourhoods to see the kingdom of God break forth. It was emphasized that prayer needed to be the dominant force of this movement so a U-haul truck was set up in the parking… … lot and converted into a make-shift 24 hour prayer room for the weekend. After the first worship service on the Friday night, which saw the six-seven hundred of us present drop to our knees together in repentance, all I wanted to do was pray.

Around 11 pm, with my Bible in hand, I made my way to the prayer truck and was surprised to see five or six other young people already there meeting with God. I climbed in to join them and grabbed a spot along the right side with a blanket. The inside walls of the truck were covered with written prayers, Bible verses, and pictures of the neighbourhoods in Toronto that prayer teams would be moving into. As I began to posture my heart towards God to enter into prayer, I listened to the heartfelt petitions of those surrounding me, and quickly realised I was in the company of sincere lovers of Jesus. Within a very short time of being in the U-haul, I was so stirred by their passionate cries I knew that I would not be getting much sleep tonight. Opening my Bible before me, I knelt before the Lord and dove into prayer with my new friends. Soon after, two more brothers entered the truck, and now there were seven of us. The presence of God was heavy and all of us became gripped with a spirit of prayer. We cried out to God for His Spirit to be poured out on the city of Toronto and on our nation Canada; for our generation to turn their hearts back to God; for revival on our university campuses; for the “Move-In” teams and their neighbourhoods; for God to impart His love into our hearts; for human trafficking to end; for Jesus Christ to be revealed; for the salvation of the aboriginal peoples of Canada and for many more things that were placed on our hearts. Having a guitar and flute at hand, we also took time to worship the Lord in song together as we continued to pray. During our night watch, there were moments of tears, as when one sister began weeping over the suffering of Jesus, as well as moments of lightheartedness, in which we laughed together and celebrated Christ’s victory and simply the joy of prayer.

Around 4 am we decided to pray over each person in the prayer truck and I eagerly jumped into the middle to receive some of the fire that these warriors had. Being able to speak into each other’s lives was one of the most awesome experiences of the whole night, as each one of us had specific things confirmed about the call of God on our lives. The rising sun at 6 am brought with it the next prayer team, and after joining them for a few minutes, the seven of us climbed out of the truck to greet Saturday morning.

I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like the seven hours I spent in that U-haul. I had only known one brother in the group, and now I felt a deep connection had been formed between the rest of us. Almost beyond anyone else in my life, they knew the deepest things of my heart as we spent the night pouring ourselves out together before the Lord. Having our very friendship birthed from prayer, we ended up going on two more prayer walks together on Saturday. We all had a strong sense that something had been established that night between us and God and we were drawn to each other for the rest of the conference. I’m excited to see where God is going to take us as we draw near to Him together, and we’ve already planned to meet up next week Friday for another night watch to cry out for our generation. PRAISE GOD FOR PRAYER!!!

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