You can't take a Uhaul to Heaven, but you can bring Heaven into a Uhaul…

I had an amazing time last weekend at the Toronto MoveIn conference. Inspired by the 24hr prayer truck The Westside Gathering parked at a gas station in Montreal this past November, we hosted 72hrs- 3 days of non-stop prayer, it was unbelievable! There were around 600-700 young adults at the conference on Friday night being challenged to get real with God, love their neighbour and even move into a ‘less-reached’ or ‘high-risk’ neighbourhood in their city or across Canada. You could read more about how God is moving through MoveIn at

There was a group of around 10 people who started praying in the Uhaul at 11pm Friday night and didn’t leave until 7am the next morning because God’s presence was strong- the stories I heard the next morning were amazing. Hopefully I’ll get to post some soon. One girl who spent the night in the truck recently wrote on my facebook wall, “I’m still in awe over Friday night.” Some people told me the next morning that they had never experienced God like that before and that it was a life changing faith experience to pray through the night like that with a group of people. Wow!

I’ve recently been… … feeling like it’s important for me to travel with people as often as I can- how better to learn how to lead a prayer room than to just come do it with me? And it’s wonderful to have someone to talk to on the long drives! My friend Steph, who’s been wanting to lead a prayer room at her church for a while, came from Montreal to help me. It was an great experience and blessing for me to have her there. The quote below is what she changed her facebook status to as soon as I dropped her off… And she continues, even one week later, to walk in what God has been speaking to her. It’s amazing to watch God work in and through her like this-

“Can not believe the amazing weekend I just had.. what?? renewal?? oh yah.. in the back of a U HAUL and many sleepless nights… God found me again”

As the MoveIn Lead Coordinator reflected on the prayer that happened that weekend, this is what he wrote:

“God did incredible things at the MoveIn conference, and we believe it was primarily because of prayer, of God’s grace released through the heartfelt yet feeble cries of the many ordinary people who prayed – mostly in Toronto, but several from other parts of the country and world. As well as a pray-from-anywhere ’12 days of (continuous) prayer’ we organized, the onsite ‘prayer truck’ that 24-7 Prayer Canada hosted was indispensable. The team that put it together did an incredible job–all on a shoe-string budget–of covering every square foot of the 17′ Uhaul’s inside walls with prayer fodder: photographs of high-needs neighbourhoods, verses of Scripture, banners, and more.

The prayer truck hosted three days–72 hours–of continuous onsite prayer. The team didn’t know who would fill the hours, but there was always someone, usually a group of people, at times more than a dozen, calling out to God – sometimes loudly, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes not even that. We believe He heard and answered our prayers, and we can’t wait to see how He will continue to do that–in the days, weeks and years ahead–through the people who left the conference changed, and through the lives of those who ‘move in’ to some of Canada’s less-reached neighbourhoods.”

God is up to something in our generation… It’s awesome to be a part of it!

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