'U-Haul-We Pray' is Heading to the Toronto MoveIn Conference: May 7-10 – Come Join Us!!

Some of you may remember, this past November we set up a U-Haul at an Esso station for 24 hours to pray for Montreal (you could refresh your memory here: http://www.24-7prayer.com/content/940). This coming weekend, starting Thursday evening, we’ll be doing the same thing, this time for 3 days in Toronto!

When I heard the heart and vision of MoveIn, a little over a month ago, it became an evident partnership that 24-7 Prayer wanted to support… We have a very similar heart for prayer, mission and how to reach our cities. Part of the MoveIn vision is copied below for you to read. You could also find more info at www.movein.to

We’re hoping for around 2000 young people (19-29) at People’s Church from Toronto, Ottawa and beyond on Friday night to hear the vision and be challenged. Saturday will be geared towards those seriously considering taking the ‘MoveIn’ step themselves. 12 days of off-site 24-7 prayer surrounding the conference started May 1st, but we’re also doing 3 days of prayer ONSITE, in the People’s Church parking lot, to cover this weekend in loads of crazy prayer and give space for people attending to also go pray through how God is speaking to them.

The… … prayer truck theme will be to pray down God’s Kingdom in our cities- There are around 40 profiled communities to pray through as well as many other things to inspire your 1hr prayer shift in our 3 day U-Haul sacred space…

If you’re from the Toronto area (or not and want to come anyway), PLEASE come join us!!! There are still many slots to fill and we need all the onsite prayer support we could get. I’m also looking for some ‘mother/father/mentor’ type people to be there praying for and with our generation as we learn to rise up to the call of Christ in our cities.

The conference is also FREE- even more of a reason to come!!

Please email Daria for more info or to sign up for your shift in the prayer truck:
Part of the MoveIn Vision:


to the neighbourhood.

of the neighbourhood. Rather than visiting or serving and then going away, they will share in their neighbourhood’s joys (Rom. 12:15), and in its troubles (Rom. 8:17); and they will have an opportunity to be right in there as salt (Matt. 5:13) and light (Matt 5:14) – as the hands and feet of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27; Matt. 25:35-40) – with a cup of cold water in one hand (Mark 9:41) and the good news (Isa. 52:7) in the other.

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