How are you praying about the Swine Flu?

Sickness not only doesn’t make people immobile… it often invigorates them into action. In my flesh, our panic over FLU is maddening and grossly disproportionate on so many levels.

But that’s fear for you. Fear stops you in your tracks and tells you the immobility is safer. Our mandate from the lips of Christ Himself couldn’t be more contrary.

Mark 16: 15-18

We’re supposed to laugh in the face of sickness… not hide from it. In the name of Jesus, for the sake of spreading His fame, we can be bold, prophetic, crazy-go-nuts, snake-handlers. Fear squashes this. And fear is a spirit. Therefore being flesh-mad at it is pointless. Spirits are changed IN THE SPIRIT.
2 Timothy 1:7
Mexico City’s economy has ground to a halt
. It will likely put many out of work, bankrupt businesses, ruin family vacations, and halt the movement of those endowed with the Spirit of the living God to claim health in themselves and others… all around the world; because of fear.

How am I praying about the Swine Flu? I think it’s exposed what is ACTUALLY and epidemic in our land. Fear. I’m praying against fear. How are you praying about the Swine Flu?

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