Nate and Erica have been doing an awesome job of leading 40 days of non-stop prayer in Regina before Easter…

This is part of a message that I received yesterday:

Wow! We are heading into day 20 at 24-7 Regina!

God is doing some amazing things at the prayer house, I encourage you to come down and join the revolution!

I am really excited about all the new faces we have been seeing. Our heart is to see unity among believers in Regina as this movement is only possible and most effective if we are ALL involved. We are all a part of the same army.

I am writing this at 3am and we just had 15 Sr High people in here. I was so encouraged to see that they were experiencing God. I pray that the “epedemic” will spread through out their group. A couple of people said the wanted to come back!

Keep on guys!

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