From Oria…

Little bit from Oria in Zimbabwe – keep her in your prayers!

so there i was….
consumed by my mind and imagination…..
i lay there with my eyes closed and watched the film unfold.
im barely able to keep up as the scenes dissolve one into another.
im being taken on a journey of some kind….just me and the Trinity.
they have something
to show me.
the holy spirit seems cheeky….perfectly balanced and lying across
the top of the sofa. a
slightly unnerving grin across his face like he knows what’s about to
happen but is refusing
to tell.
jesus is sitting at the end of the sofa at my feet, one hand resting
on my ankle. a calm look
on his face…the look of love, adoration….safety….the look you
give someone after you say
‘this too shall pass, now lets go from this place.’
god the father is late for this little rendez-vous. he saunters in
wearing a suit jacket and
gardening gloves…covered in dirt.
‘sorry’, he says,’ was just out in the garden.’ and then adds,
slightly out of breath,….’are
we ready to go??’
he comes and sits on the floor beside the sofa…beside my head.
first stop…a mountain top. its freezing and covered in snow….im
not impressed. neither is
the holy spirit. he’s tapping his foot in the snow impatiently…..
i sense they are in a… … hurry to go from this place but im hesitating
not sure why they have
taken me here….what are they trying to show me?
but i give in and we go….
the mountain dissolves into a bright field with an old shack in the
middle of it. slightly
warmer than the last scene but not the sand i was hoping for. we dont
have time to go inside
the shack as the three guys seem ready to go again.
im a bit bothered by their running- around -with- no- explanation
techniques thus far and i
let them know. but they dont seem that bothered. instead just keep
saying…’are you coming
or what??’
‘…or what’ is what id like to say, but they have somehow caught my
curiousity and im
hooked. i want to know the next scene….
ah finally….a beach with a single palm tree. the thought crosses my
mind to run into the
water….but they are off again….this isnt the destination
apparently….somewhat dragged
from this scene i find myself in a wooded pine forest. damp and cool.
peaceful, but even i
am ready to move on from here….
the next scene is clearly the work of the holy spirit. all four of us
are on a bicycle riding
through a fairground. he’s sitting in the bicycle basket, arms
outstretched as if to embrace
the excitement, while the others hold on to me as i try and navigate
through the crowds.
im barely able to see where im going through their huge clown wigs.
that plus the fact that
ive got on a huge pair of clown shoes make peddling and steering rather tricky.
im slightly amused at this stage and begin enjoying myself a little
more instead of wondering
about what im supposed to be looking at, or learning. this journey is
fun, spontaneous
and exciting.
the bike disappears and the pavement turns into a long highway
stretching on forever. the
land is so flat you can see for miles on every side. we walk and walk
and walk….no one
says a thing.
eventually we pull off the road into a field and one of them takes out
a bag of sandwiches.
from where ill never know. we sit down in a circle…sprawled
out…leaning on each
other….some sitting, some lying down. and we begin to chat.
laughter erupts as someone brings up a funny moment along the
journey….’you remember
that time when…’ or ‘did you see the look on that guys face when….’
other times it’s silent. the quietness is beautiful and safe.
only interrupted with moments of solemnness as someone remembers a
difficult experience.
i question these experiences, through tears…why they happened the
way they did?
they sense my confusion and hurt. they are careful and calm with their
answers. but their
authority and wisdom woos my heart as they begin to explain…..
for the first time in months….i begin to trust them again.
i remember how much i love journeying with the father, with jesus, and
with the wild wind
of the spirit.
how loved i am by them.
i feel safe to lay down the hurt from previous months, the
disappointments, the heartache,
the confusion, the long battles fought which left only scars, so it
seemed….and instead,
it’s refreshing. its exciting.
there will be many more sandwich stops along the way to tell stories,
calm my confusion,
and stitch up a wound or two…but there is nowhere i’d rather be,
than on the move with
my Boys.

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