Sometimes I need form.
Sometimes we all need form. I don’t mean constriction, i just mean form.
Consider jello – without a form it would be a pretty messy affair to make and even more interesting to serve! The form allows the jello to become what it was made to be. (nice…eh?!)
So sometimes I need form. Sometimes I go to pray and the words are just not there, there’s lots in my heart and so lots of times I’m just silent. But other times I want to pray to voice something to the heavens and speak something out.

I’ve been trying (not completely succeeding) but trying to take some time each night to collect my thoughts and I have found the Anglican prayer book an exceptional help. Sometimes it is just the form I need. Consider this prayer, …

“O LORD, who has pity for all our weakness: Put away from us worry and every anxious fear, that, having ended the labours of the day as in your sight, and committing our tasks, ourselves, and all we love into your keeping, we may, now that night comes, receive as from you your priceless gift of sleep; through Jesus Christ our… … Lord. Amen.”

Sometimes that’s just the form I need!

So the question is – what form helps you communicate with God? Is it solitude, music, quiet…how do you connect?

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