On February 21st, Canadians from all across Canada will gather in St. John’s Newfoundland for TheCRY St. John’s. St. John’s is the place where the very first explorers set foot centuries ago claiming Canada for God and for their king who had sent them on a missionary journey to the ‘new found land’. Hundreds of years later, the cry of these explorers will be echoed as Christians from every denomination and generation raise their voice and claim this nation once again “for GOD and for King,” declaring as our Founding Fathers did that, “[Jesus Christ] will have dominion from sea to sea….” (Psalm 72:8)

TheCRY is a grass roots interdenominational and intergenerational movement of those who are passionate for Jesus and believe in the power of prayer and fasting to impact Canada for righteousness sake. Over the past 10 months, since March of 2008, there have been 4 such CRYs (Edmonton, Ottawa/Gatineau, Iqaluit and Toronto). The estimated accumulative attendance of these 4 CRY is an impressive 10,000 (on site). Along with this media outlets, like 930 am the Light out of Edmonton, Alberta, have also streamed TheCRY live meaning that several thousand more have participated virtually…. … TheCRY St. John’s will be the last of 5 CRYs in an initiative of 5 CRYs in 5 Cities over a one year period. Participants have expressed that they believe Canada is in a very significant time of history where our prayer and actions will affect the nation for generations to come. Prayer is a good idea at any time, but, with the political and economic shakings that both Canada and the globe have experienced in recent months, they are likely right regarding the significance of this particular season.

TheCRY is not like anything most Christians have ever experienced. It is a full day of dynamic prayer, worship and fasting with hundreds, or thousands, of other believers. Though there are always well known worship bands and ministers that are leading throughout the day, names and bands are not advertised. The leadership of TheCRY explains this saying, “Our desire is that people would not come because we have marketed big names or Christian celebrities (though we are not necessarily opposed to that in other settings), we want people to come to meet with one big name, Jesus Christ, and to CRY out for this awesome nation that He loves and is asking for [Psalm 2]…”

Throughout the day pray is brought for a variety of issues: harvest and revival, family and sexual morality, life, righteousness in government, the economy, unity in the church and more. Answers to prayer have been documented and stunning. Participants testify that often the things that are prayed about at TheCRY are reflected in the news in the weeks and months following. One Globe and Mail voter intentions graph even illustrated a definite shift in the polls on the very day of TheCRY this past summer in Ottawa, right in front of the Peace Tower, when believers were asking God to move in the nation and government. The leaders of the CRY state, “…as we look to TheCRY St. John’s we are full of faith and expectation….we have seen too much not to be! Prayer works and God is real. When the church shows up in unity and faith, so does He. We believe He is just as exited for February 21st as we are….”

A new, and significant, element is being added to TheCRY St. John’s however: mass television media. GOD TV, who has a potential audience of 500,000,000 (half a billion) will be broadcasting TheCRY live on throughout many nations of the earth. On February 21st, 2009, the nations of the earth will come crashing in on Canada’s prayer meeting for what may be the largest prayer strike this nation has ever had. At this place where Canada began with the first explorers setting foot and where Canada finished with Newfoundland joining confederation in the 40’s the setting is picture perfect. One St. John’s pastor, Dean Brenton, said, “Newfoundland is the alpha and omega of Canada, the beginning and the end.” He is right, and, in just a couple weeks THE Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ, will meet his people there as they gather in faith believing that truly God has given the pen of history into the hands of a praying church. An team member of TheCRY, Amy Good, stated, “Some thing only come once in a lifetime, this is one of those things. Be there.” She might be onto something. Find out more at

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