Happy New Year!!

2009 is off to a great start within 24-7 Prayer Canada – a lot is happening! We’re only 12 days into the year and there has already been 7 prayer room set up and more on the way. This week a church in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and Greenfield Park, Quebec are praying non-stop all week. The church in Greenfield Park is praying specifically for transformation in Quebec, currently the largest mission field in North America. Please keep these two communities in your prayers this week; God has been doing amazing work through these prayer rooms.

I just got report from a church who prayed last week; this is what the pastor wrote:
Our week of prayer has been going great. We have had a great response for the church and community around us. We don’t need anything specific just a few prayers that things continue to go well and positively. We are seeing people who have never come to church – come and experience God. Last year at this time our church went through a horrible death of a youth within the church – due to an overdose. But family members have been coming regularly and I prayed with one youth who is about 14 and said that he felt like their was a rope around his neck, and he couldn’t breathe or barely handle living. After we prayed and he spent time in the room – he came to me and said that the rope is gone and he feels free and can finally move on. So God is being gracious and good. Thanks for checking in, grace and peace,

This is just one example of how God is working through these focused times of prayer, it’s truly amazing!

There are always challenges in starting your first prayer room but God is so gracious and always seems to do far beyond what we even could have imagined. A pastor in Guelph, ON introduced 24-7 to his church this weekend with 24hrs of prayer, a great way to start, get people fired up and share the vision. There is also something amazing about empowering others, especially youth, to really get involved in creating these spaces. Just be careful though, I just heard from a youth pastor who totally empowered his youth to create this space and loved it… the youth got so creative that they decided to make a river flowing through the prayer room and flooded the church basement… oooops! Nevertheless, it was a life impacting week for the youth… Kingdom wise, I’m sure it was well worth the floodJ!

Please contact me if you would like more info on creating these prayer spaces. We’re also in the process of putting together some regional teams across the nation, if you’re interested in being part of a 24-7 Prayer regional team, which will help others in your area to pray 24-7, please let me know.

Many blessings in 2009,


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