from Oria in Zimbabwe

Some of you may know Oria Dale…some of you may not…but what you can be sure of is that none of us know exactly where Oria will be at any given moment in the globe! Oria has a heart for Brazil, Canada, and right now she finds herself in Zimbabwe!

Oria is really a new breed of missionary working with 24-7 and so that we can pray better for her and understand more of her heart for the nations she visits and the people she meets she will be writing a monthly column for the web.

So…the first of many…..

so there i was….

wandering the halls of the art gallery here in bulawayo. the heart of
beautiful zimbabwe. when im not out shooting pictures i basically live
at the gallery…studio 11 to be exact. i prayed for God to open doors
into the arts community here and he’s put me right at the heart of it.
i do love how He does nothing by halves.
like with any relationship between friends – the way you relate to
each other has the potential to change at different times as you
navigate the journey together. and… … as it would seem, this is the case
between God and us as well.
at the moment God seems like that friend that you spend all your time
with…but not necessarily have to constantly talk to. a constant
presence with no pressure to always be communicating with words.
nice….but sometimes irritating when you really want His opinion on
something and He seems to not be interested in giving it.
and then, out of the blue, He decides to say something profound. it
catches you off guard…makes your head spin….and has the potential
to completely turn things around…or totally mess things up. and my
hunch is that i am not alone in this experience of God.
this was my day a few weeks ago. wandering the halls of the gallery
getting ready for my exhibition at the up-coming arts festival.
completely stuck in my own world trying to figure out how to fix
fabric to a cement wall with limited resources and no cash…and
there, in that moment between sticky tac and staple guns it happened
– calm and clear – he spoke. a God of the extraordinary speaking into
the midst of the ordinary.
‘keep the vision in front of you but be aware that the road there will
look different than you imagine it to. never put walls around what i
am doing….never box in my potential to do more than you can hope or
now, ive worked hard at rebelling against boxes….and yet He says
this. and He’s right. in the beautiful chaos that is the journey and
adventure of God we can, without even realizing it, begin to put
limitations and boxes around what we think the road will look
like….and if there is anything ive learned thus far its that when i
allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in my life…the adventure gets
interesting and im left standing there… in awe…unable to blink.
we truly are ‘travelers NOT tourists’ (Cooke) …and the road is full
of surprises if we are open to the possibilities.
as you navigate this month with God and all that you are involved in
remember this…..He’s sometimes silent…always present…and forever
reckless in His pursuit of our hearts and the dream He’s placed on our
– abandoned to life, love, the adventure of God and freedom for the oppressed.

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