Quebec Update

I’m extremely excited about how the church is being moved to pray in Quebec. Just in the past couple weeks I’ve heard some really encouraging stories. The Open Door in Pierrefonds has been praying for a weekend a month for about 6 months now and they always have the prayer room set up and open. A friend of mine plans to start the first prayer week in her church at the beginning of November. My pastor just started a 4 week series on prayer which will be ending with our first ever prayer room. And last but not least, I recently had the opportunity to meet Brian again from Greenfield Park Baptist Church and God is doing some amazing stuff in his community through prayer.

This is part of the email he wrote during their week of prayer,

We are currently involved in a 24-7…Sun Sept 14-21. We started with an all church Concert of Prayer for our regular 11 o’clock service. It was very well received. This is our 3rd Concert of Prayer. On Sunday afternoon, all of the evening prayer times were filled for the entire week…wow!!! People have been eager to sign up. Three important things are happening this time during 24-7.

First, many people are saying that one hour of prayer is just not enough, they are insisting on at least 2 hours of prayer…how awesome is that?! Second, one of our leaders who was greatly impacted by our 24-7 in January, has organized a one hour evening group prayer as part of 24-7 (each evening during the week of 24-7) which we are calling Fresh Encounters. It is lead by a different church leader each evening which signals to the church the importance of prayer at a leadership level. This man had a vision during the January 24-7 of the prayer room filling up to overflowing and then the sanctuary filling up as well with people praying. So far, only small groups are coming out, but we will see what God will do!!!

The third thing is this: another man has a vision to see people coming out to a group prayer time each week. He has signed up for the prayer room on Wed 7am-9am. He will continue this after 24-7 is completed and is inviting others to join him each week.
The most exciting thing is that 24-7 now seems to be a part of who we are, a part of the growing, changing, fabric of this church. By God’s grace, we will make this a regular part of what we do as a church.

I hope and pray that God will continue to move his people to pray here… and in the rest of the nation. This week we’re having a 24-7 Ontario regional gathering so I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hearing more great stories. (See below for gathering details)

If you have a story to tell about what God is doing in your church through prayer, PLEASE send it!!

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