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Hello from Montreal!!

It has been 2 weeks since I’ve returned home from the 24-7 International Leaders Gathering in Southampton, UK, and what an awesome experience it was! I just started a new job with 24-7 Canada as the National Leader at Large, so the opportunity to go there and reconnect with people and the vision of 24-7 Prayer was just what I needed.

I loved hearing the stories of everything going on all around the world. There were over 300 people there from around 30 nations…amazing!!! It was great to learn that there were more prayer rooms this year than ever before—it has been 9 years, and this movement is still growing!

After hearing all the stories and being reminded of the awesome ways that God works, I left wondering what exactly God has for Canada. I don’t want to just do what’s working for the people of South Africa or Brazil because there is a unique movement beginning here. I want to know what God is calling us to, YOU and ME, right here in CANADA. So I continue to pray: God show us your vision for Canada and show me how I can take part in it…. I’m excited for what’s to come!

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