What is 24-7?

Everything you’ve wanted to know about 24-7. Why we do it, how we do it, how you can do it!How Did 24-7 Start?

24-7prayer started by accident in September 1999, with a bunch of young people in England who got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month. God turned up and they couldn’t stop til Christmas!

From there the prayer meeting has spread into many nations, denominations and age-groups. Hundreds of non-stop prayer meetings now link up here on the web to form a unique chain of prayer.

What’s The Big Idea?

Simple really… 24-7 has become a worldwide, non-stop prayer movement. There are 3 dimensions to the movement:

1. First of all we’re a network of Prayer Rooms determined to pray like it all depends on us and live like it all depends on God until the tide turns in our generation
2. A Missions movement quickly arose out of the Prayer Rooms as we received requests to take Teams to ‘high places’ in youth culture.
3. We also run Boiler Rooms – houses of continual prayer (24-7-365) like Gen X monastries.

How Do The Prayer Rooms Work?

Participating groups pledge to pray 24 hours a day for a week or more in a dedicated prayer-room. They then ‘carry the baton of prayer’ for that period. The prayer passes from location to location in a never ending flow linked up by the Worldwide Web. We are a virtual community praying in real locations. Right now someone, somewhere is praying 24-7.

What Are the Aims?

To turn the tide
The dream behind 24-7 is to turn the tide of youth culture back to Jesus. It’s a big dream – maybe an impossible dream. We recognise that the Body of Christ in the West is bleeding young people. Something has to change. But clever strategy alone is not the answer. Never has been. History shows that the tide turns when God’s people pray. That is why God is mobilising prayer movements like 24-7 (and others).

We’re seeing thousands of young people from Alaska to Australia praying together for their friends and their heroes in a focused and persistent way. 24-7 targets youth culture at a local, national and international level; addressing demographies (like skaters and clubbers) as well as geographies (schools, communities, nations).

“Pray continually.” (Jesus)
“WOW! This prayer thing actually WORKS!”
(shocked student)

To mobilise prayer
24-7prayer is not for experts. It’s for those who find prayer a struggle. 24-7 is a model that works! It has proven unusually successful at mobilising people – especially young people – to pray like they’ve never prayed before. People learn to pray… by praying!

24-7 captures the imagination. Young people today are more likely to turn up at a prayer meeting at 3 a.m. than at 7.30 p.m! Why? Because it’s extreme. The dare is to be alone with God for a whole hour – maybe even in the middle of the night. 24-7 makes prayer easier. The arts play an important part. Many say that ‘an hour feels like 10 minutes in the prayer room’.
Why Not Start a 24-7 Prayer Room Where You Live?

Why not launch the wildest, most extreme, most exciting prayer meeting your area has ever seen Just register here on the web. We can offer you a choice of resources then all you have to do is find a room with a kettle, get your friends excited and GO! 24-7 aims to turn the tide in youth culture, and that could start where you live.

“The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” (P. Beedie)

So How Do We Get Involved?

You can either:
Enquire for further information and we will send you a free enquiry pack to tell you more about 24-7.
Register a prayer room. If you reckon you can sustain a week or more of continual prayer, simply register your details here on the site.

What Happens if We Can’t Do a Whole Week?

If your church is too small or too sleepy to do 24-7 right now, don’t worry! There are other ways of staying involved:

* Add this site to your ‘favorites’ and log on regularly to share prayers, stories and keep your finger on the pulse.
* Spread the word. Tell your friends about this site – you could even add a link to us from your emails or a banner from your website
* Consider joining a 24-7 Mission Team visiting the ‘high places’ in youth culture to pray like crazy and live like Jesus.
*Stay informed – sign up for the newsletter, join the facebook group!
*Do a weekend! – a great way to help people catch the vision is to do a shortened amount of time. Get a room, grab a few people and do a weekend!

What Happens If I Register?

When a group registers to join the 24-7 prayer chain you first:
1. Become a site member and fill in our online form. Once your room is registered you can select the resources appropriate for your group.
2. Your church or group is then posted on the site diary.
3. We try to be there for you all the way! The co-ordinator is supported throughout the planning stages and during the prayer-season itself. We’re here to help you solve problems and share stories of how God has moved.

Why Do You Need a Prayer Room?

“A Prayer Room is to the church what the heart is to the body.” (The Praying Church Source Book)
Locating the prayer season in a specific location seems to be one of the keys to the effectiveness of 24-7. Why?

*The Holy Spirit can fill a place as well as a person (Acts 2.2, 16.16). There’s often a strong sense of God’s presence in such a place of prayer, even experienced by non-Christians.
* Time often goes quicker! Many have reported that ‘in the prayer room 1 hour feels like 10 minutes’
*Evangelistically the prayer room is excellent. Non-Christians have often sat in such places to pray, some have said that they can feel God’s presence. People who don’t want to be preached at still like to be prayed for.
*The prayer-room enables people to pray non-verbally, by posting artwork, poetry and graffiti on the wall. The environment can be artistically designed to stimulate and direct prayer.
*The room provides accountability – a place where people have to turn up, and this ensures a constant flow as one prayer-shift hands the baton onto the next. Visiting the room is like a mini-pilgrimage.
*A shared location provides a strong sense of being part of a community carrying each others’ burdens, celebrating the breakthroughs together and ministering to one another. You are more than a link in a prayer chain.

Prayer rooms have been opened in all kinds of weird and wonderful locations:*** a barn in the English countryside,
*** a skate park in Switzerland,
*** a bus in the slums of Delhi,
*** a police station in London,
*** an office in Tulsa Oklahoma,
*** the U.S. Naval Academy,
*** a brewery in Missouri,
*** in tents,
*** in student basements,
*** campus chaplaincies and…
*** Oh yes church buildings

“A Prayer Room helps a church look beyond itself, motivating it to unleash prayer power for the unsaved, the community, the nation, the church’s missionaries, and the world.” (The Praying Church Source Book)

Why Continual Prayer?

Because bold, persistent prayer is effective. First it changes us. Then it changes the world. Jesus told stories to encourage us to “cry out day and night” (Lk 18) and to persist in prayer.

*Pentecost came to a prayer room.
*Paul urged the Thessalonians to “pray constantly.”
*The early church “joined together constantly in prayer.” (Acts 1-14)
*Celtic Monks at Bangor Abbey in Ireland prayed continualy for 200 years. A young Celt called Ciaran formed a community in Clonmacnoise near Dublin back in 547AD. Sadly Ciaran died after just 7 months but the community prayed for about 1000 years and sent out missionaries all over the world!
*The pope decreed continual prayer in certain locations in the 15th century.
* In the 18th century, a small community of Moravians began a 24-7 prayer meeting that lasted for over a hundred years, mobilised 3000 missionaries and converted John Wesley! (check out ‘Stuff’ / Zinzendorf)
*Many revival centres today see 24 hour prayer as a necessity.

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