Righteous Prayer

A few people in our community have discovered that they are very sick right now, and not the kind of sick that goes away after a week. More the kind of sick that is lifelong and requires a miracle to overcome.

So a lot of people are praying for health for these individuals. Now, I don’t understand petitionary or intercessory prayer, to be honest. I know there are some good books out there on them, and I’ve read quite a few, but I still don’t think I understand it, because I don’t think there is a “model” to understand. I pray for the things I need, and I pray for other people because God tells me too, and he leads me to believe through Scripture, Church history, and personal experience that he is listening. I don’t know when or why God answers prayers, nor why sometimes it seems he doesn’t. But I pray because it is good and right to pray, and I leave the mystery of answering prayer up to God.

I was questioning today whether or not it makes a difference for a lot of people to be praying about something. I think it does, but not because we have mobilized enough people to sway God’s opinion, or to bribe him with worship and words. I think it matters if we stand together in unity in prayer – it unites us in love and in purpose, and God loves it when his people are in unity and agreement. Disunity is unrighteousness, and Scripture says that the prayers of a righteous man (or a righteous people) avail much.

So let’s seek after the Lord in prayer and stand in unity with His purposes.


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