The end of the Peep Show…

For those who didn’t get the news, wednesday february 20th, the Peep show (building where we would go pray on the corner of the Mains in Montreal) was demolished…on the same day of 24-7 prayer’s 8th birthday and the day we had a red moon (eclypse)…just a coincidence or a very encouraging sign from God!?

Like some of you that came down to Montreal on ou national gathering know, we never went on that corner to pray against the building. On the opposite, it was already closed when we started to pray there and we already knew it would be destroyed at some point. We actually went there to pray for the people that participated in the activities of that building. We interceded for the forgiveness of the injustices that were comited there.

I really have the impression that God, in His awesome love sent us there to redeem this area that the enemy has stolen; that He sent us to stand beside this building during its last days…while it was waiting for its “death”. It’s that kind of heart that our Father has. A heart for those that are abandonned, those on whom we look at as if they had no worth or for whom there was no hope of redemption. Isn’t it touching? God gave us the priviledge to walk beside this “apaling” building in its last days…and to start loving it! I really feel priviledged!

Glory to our God who is up to something and does so much more than what we can imagine!

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