4 Year Anniversary of The War Room

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of The War Room, our 24-7 prayer room in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, B.C.

It has been a pretty wild ride of prayer, discipline, late night, early mornings, incredible victories, bewildering frustrations, tension, peace, fun and danger.

We are now walking in a communal rhythm of prayer that includes praying the Bible every morning, gardening, street evangelism, visitations, art nights, worship, teaching, nature walks, all night prayer watches, and good old-fashioned three hour prayer shifts. We have identified that the people in our community represent the dwelling place of God, not the room itself (which is still a wonderful prayer resource). And we have brought a number of other groups from around the world on board to join us in the prayer.

We are determined to wait and watch for the Lord to move and breath, and then to follow with as much radical obedience as we have.

Here’s to another 4 years!



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