Saskatoon Spring Report …

It was a year ago this weekend in Canmore, AB that the leadership of 24-7 Prayer in Canada gathered and sensed a changing in the winds of our nation …

For 6 years we had been trying to keep up with the ever increasing pace that God was setting for us as we motivated, mobilized and resourced non-stop prayer rooms across the country. Literally thousands of people – old and young – had snuck into a prayer room during those years and found something delightful: the presence of the King of Kings.

Of course, there is nothing special about a prayer room at first glance, but in these places where time seemed so often to stand still and God’s voice seemed somehow to be louder, expressing one’s heart to the Father felt so natural. Many seeds were planted in those prayer rooms: dreams, visions, missional longings, and hopes of the glory of the Lord rising up in the midst of homes and schools and workplaces.

We had spent much time and energy blessing the people who ran those prayer rooms and calling the generations to be a blessing to the nations as they availed themselves to God to be part of answering the very prayers that they had been praying. But, as the leadership team, we knew that there was more: God was calling us to go beyond just blessing others to building prayer communities.

24-7 Prayer Canada is first the invitation to pray.
And out of this prayer comes community.
And out of community we pray.
And out of community and prayer will flow justice and mission.
We celebrate this profound mystery and welcome it with a unified “Amen”.
In Saskatoon (see our website HERE) we began this building process six months ago by calling together a number of people in the city who had shown an interest in the 24-7 Prayer movement (from high school students to the soon-to-be retired). We began to practice a regular rhythm of prayer, missional living, and learning together. The community that is emerging from this group has made themselves accountable to one and other, meets monthly for weekends of non-stop prayer, for community meals and learning parties, and cheer on each other as we practice a variety of missional activities including a weekly children’s club for recent refugee arrivals in the city, sports clubs in schools, a bible study in a tattoo parlor, and much more.

This month we are working together to mobilize the churches of the city to participate in the Global Day of Prayer, and soon we are hoping to go public with a prayer room facility that we’ve been allowed to use so that Saskatoon will have a permanent place to “get away with God”.

In the midst of all of this activity though, we are learning what it is to BE constantly with the Father rather than simply being defined by what we DO for the Lord. The great missionary and prayer warrior Hudson Taylor said once when he was addressing college students at a conference hosted by D.L. Moody, “You can work without praying, but it is a bad plan. You cannot pray in earnest without working. Do not be so busy with work for Christ that you have no strength left for praying. True prayer requires strength.”

Pray for this wild-eyed group of prayers in Saskatoon, would you? Ask the Lord to give us the strength to build, by prayer, a community that will do it’s part in changing the tide of this generation in Canada back to God … starting with this city of bridges in the middle of the prairies!!

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