The War Room

Hey everyone, Aaron here from Vancouver, B.C.

Just wanted to share the exciting news that The War Room, our Downtown Eastside Salvation Army expression of 24-7 prayer, is having its 3rd anniversary on Feb 28th.

We’ve been going non-stop in our little slum hotel room at Main and Hastings for 3 years straight, and have been learning all kinds of things about prayer. We have learned how little we know about prayer, how difficult intercession can be, and how much grace God has for us in all our limitations and screw-ups. Perhaps most significantly, though, we have learned the shocking fact that God does seem to want to meet with us, that he desires us to know him and to be known by him, and that at the end of all our resources, our Father’s full giving has only begun.

If you would pray for us, please ask God for continued discipline in prayer (which leads to intimacy), continued (and greater) love and grace for each other, victories and salvation in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and wisdom in a very transitional time for our community.


Aaron White

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