24-7 prayer 2.0

The 24-7 Prayer journey is about living a story. A story that unfolds with joys and hardships, laughter and tears, victory and setback. A story that has a plotline full of the everyday and also supernatural surprises. The kingdom of God is vast and there is much to discover in this story… we welcome you to join this journey of prayer, mission, and justice wherever you are at on the path!

2007 is here and 24-7 Prayer Canada’s has been in transition over the past 9 months and is now stepping into a new space. A huge THANK YOU and blessings to Dan and Charlene King who began and pioneered this prayer movement in Canada. Dan will continue to serve 24-7 in Saskatoon as he and his family discover a lifestyle of prayer, mission, and justice in community and encourage communities in their region to pray.

God has unlocked the door for a new leadership team to enter into this next season.
Here is a snapshot of the team:

Chad from Whistler BC
Chris from Hamilton ON
Karen from Langley BC
Aaron from Vancouver BC

Karen will provide the team facilitation and initiate dialogue to the next steps in the journey. Please pray for the team as they have quite the journey ahead of them.

Please check out this website often as each team member takes the time to blog about what God is revealing as the dream unfolds. One part of the vision that has begun to be uncovered is a call to build 24-7 prayer communities across Canada. There will be more details shared in these coming days.

If you have any questions, want to host a prayer room in your community, or interested in chatting more about a prayer community in your town/city please click on the ‘contact us’ link.

Blessings to all of you across Canada and to those of you in the nations.

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