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Articles  |  October 28  |  Jim Tice

Some Good Thoughts on Mission

Contemplating mission today and our place, meaning the place God has put us in this  world.  Makes me think of some quotes to ponder. Maybe one or more will speak to you about this. ”Churches should strive to create an alternative community, deeply placed in risk, summoned in baptism to a world in which God is a pivotal player.” Walter Brueggemann   The...continued
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  • A number of us in Vancouver knew the man who was responsible for the shootings this week in Ottawa. Rex Murphy, a Canadian newscaster, has suggested that we should not name him as he was a "vicious brute" and does not deserve the honour of our remembrance. While I agree that we should remember above all the victim of this violence, and that we should restrain ourselves from tawdry attempts to "ge...more